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Your Web Presence is Secure in Our Hands

The Internet is always vulnerable to attacks by people with malicious intentions in general or targeted specifically towards your website. These breaches can not only cause loss of critical information, but also valuable business may be lost during the downtime required for recovery. So, it is prudent that you hire a competent service provider capable of taking adequate preventive measures to deter any such known or unknown online threats and keep your website running safely.

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Our Firewalls will Protect Your Website From Malicious Online Threats

We have specialized software like Website Application Firewall (WAF) that is capable enough to protect your online business site from hackers and other malware. WAF vigilantly works towards real and potential threat identification and eradication accurately round the clock. You can be assured of the safety of your Website with our state-of-the-art cloud-based firewalls, ensuring that it is unaffected by any possible online threat.

We Take Care of The Malware Problem On Your Website

The term ‘malware’ encompasses many possible threats to your online system – these include computer viruses, malicious software programs, ransomware, Trojan horse, among others. Many such programs may destroy data, corrupt storage, and network devices; others can be spyware meant to steal sensitive personal information or destroy hardware. We at KMC can assiduously check for the presence of any such threats on your systems, get rid of the problem, and also protect it from any possible future malware attacks.

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Opting for SSL Does Not Necessarily Ensure website Security

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a network protocol that encrypts communication between web clients and servers while using public networks like the Internet. Enabling it does not protect your website from malware threats. We at KMC offer a perfect blend of SSL and other website securing software to ensure your website and its data is completely safe from external threats.

We Can Prevent DDoS of Your Website

The term Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is applied to targeted attacks on your business website that significantly hampers or even stop its functions. This is accomplished in various ways, which includes infecting your system with “Trojan Horse” – a malicious code that slows down network speeds, then demanding compensation for restoration of service. At KMC, we ensure the prevention of DDoS by employing the latest website protection systems that can thwart such attacks expertly.

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We Can Avert Brute Force Cracking on Your Website

Another method used by hackers to acquire sensitive data such as passwords is “Brute Force Cracking” which employs automated repetitive attempts to arrive at the correct sequence. We at KMC have specialized security programs aimed at stopping all such malicious hacking intentions.

We Can salvage Your Hacked Website

In case your website is already compromised, online security experts at KMC can help you to get it back to normal working order. They will clean up the website by removing unwanted programs, malicious software, and other similar threats quickly and efficiently.

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