With the recent increase in mobile penetration for Google and other search engines, the voice search is also gaining momentum. There are about 20-30 percent searches on mobile that are now done through voice search. That is why it’s very important for every business owner with a digital market presence to know how to utilize the voice search and get better SEO results on the way.


The main three pillars of Voice Search across the globe

Voice search is a big game over the internet itself. So, firstly, you should know which are the main players that are dominating the Voice Search marketing across the globe.


Multiple voice assistants are available in the virtual world, but only three dominate the entire market. They are Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), Assistant (Google).


These Voice Assistants are smart enough to be connected through every smart device nowadays. So, its power and impact on the online content written and to be accessed is even more.


Leading impacts to study using the Voice Search options:


  1. Semantic search will be more powerful in the coming years

It is another way to say Google will be focusing more on the words that are more used by people regularly. In short, the way we speak will be given more attention. So, it’s obvious that at times we do speak slang and other short-form words.

KMC Semantic Search
KMC Semantic Search

Then at times, we do speak short words instead of opting for long sentences. These small nuances in our speech matter for writing better SEO content online on your websites or other pages. If we all start to align the pages on our websites according to the voice searches, then in the coming years, we will have better reach in the market for sure.


  1. The content will have an increasing focus on keywords

When most of us are using the Voice Search options online given to us using the different voice assistants mentioned above, then we often focus on the main keywords around the content.

KMC Layer-4

That is why even Google will read those pages better, which are aligned according to the probable keywords that are used in the industry that we are operating in.

In fact, we should regularly study the importance of keywords, both anchor text and the long-tailed keywords. And then check how to incorporate the same into the text we upload online.


  1. Every website will have to be mobile responsive for sure

Whenever we upload the content on our websites, we will have to make sure that the content, as well as the web page, is mobile responsive. That is because it has been found that more and more websites are being accessed by mobile devices and using voice search as well.


So, the traffic on the websites and ultimately the SEO or the SERPs is inclining towards the responsiveness of the entire web page.


  1. Your brand names will have to clear the radio test

Often, radio tests are conducted to check whether the content uploaded on the website as well as the brand name is pronounceable or not. This will be a great help for the Voice Search results on Google’s search engine page or any other search engine’s page.

KMC Radio Test

In short, the overall content on a website should be easy to speak and clear the radio test, eventually. Less focus will be paid on the difficult words if we go by statistics of the Voice Search to transform the entire digital marketing and SEO industry.


In the coming years, more entrepreneurs will be focusing on this matter. And in 2020, as the importance of Voice Search is increasing, you can explore the score on the radio tests available online.


You should keep practicing to write the content on the website to pass the radio test. If it is smoothly pronounced, instead of just being read, then, of course, in no time, your brand and every other page on the website can gain a better rank undoubtedly.

  1. Voice search will catch up speed to overlap typing

Eventually, there will be more options to turn speech into text. As compared to typing with on an average 40-60 words per minute, we can speak about 150 words in the same duration.


So, the difference in content delivery will be seen drastically. And in 2020, it is definitely catching the speed. So, the website owners will have to find the best options online for turning speech into text and the vice-versa tools.


This can be to test if the content on your website is able to be read or searched easily on the popular search engine through Voice Search assistants or not.


  1. There will be more focus on the question phrases

As we all know, while putting the conversations through voice tools, we often want to know or find something. Then the who, what, why, how, and when questions will be searched more by the general public.

KMC Layer-5

So, the content, especially on different blogs, should be focusing more on such content that starts from these words. In fact, if your website has already started to use such words, then you will soon gain a better rank in Google’s SERPs and other search engines.


Moreover, with such content, it is always possible that the public will be directed to your website more in comparison to the past results. When that happens, you can increasingly improve the web design and content that matches your organic traffic’s interest.


  1. Find those SEO tools that generate leads or insights related to Voice Search

Now in 2020, when the Voice Search is gaining higher momentum already, then many of the older SEO tools might become obsolete. Or you would need to download the tools which have the insights from Voice Search incorporated already.

The Power & Importance of Voice Search In 2020 For A Better SEO Results 1

When you have such insights ready to use, then you will know at the same time about the organic or paid traffic that is being generated or diverted to your website through the Voice Search on Google or other similar search engines.


And accordingly, you can then plan out your monthly and yearly content calendar as well as content strategies for regular marketing of the brand value.