If you are looking for an affordable, transparent and fast partner to compliment your business
with a portfolio of digital services, KMC is perfect for you.

We see resellers as an important link in our Route-to-Market. Regardless of whether you are a Virtual Assistant looking to meet your client’s need for a website, or consultant who feels that your client base could benefit from enhanced online presence, KMC will meet your and your clients needs. In short, you could become a KMC reseller if you work with a customer base that need a website or other digital services, and you don’t provide it yourself – it’s a win-win-win.


  • We are Affordable

    We focus on revenue-generating activities, and we keep our costs low, so you can keep yours and your clients too. We treat our resellers as equals, and value and integrate their input in our business processes.

  • We are Simple to Work with

    We have teams of highly skilled designers, programmers, and system engineers, but more importantly, we focus on your and your clients’ benefits, not merely features – while speaking the language we all understand. No lengthy forms, back-and-forth etc. We have deconstructed and demystified all things digital so that people like you and us could understand it.

  • We are Fast

    Your client’s website can be up and running in a matter of days. We take pride in our processes and our teams, and here at KMC Digital, customer satisfaction and speed of delivery is one of our key KPIs.

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