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Whether you are an Entrepreneur who is entering the Online Digital World or a Company whose business is dependent on your Website, we have the right solutions for you.


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KMC can solve 99% of your LMS & Virtual Platform requirements. We are backed by a highly motivated team of Designers and Developers.

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Join your virtual classroom without any platform limitations from anywhere in the world.

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You can set up multiple classrooms concurrently, for multiple tutors and students at the same time.

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Independent Tutors

Setup your virtual classroom,  invite your student anywhere from the world. Join today!

Customized Learning Management System

We offer the largest secure Learning Management System enabling you to
schedule and launch live virtual classroom sessions at anywhere any time!

Why KMC?

Get paid for your classes

Invite students, conduct classes virtually and get paid

Easier way to conduct classes

It’s been very simplified to conduct classes virtually with platform independent structure.

Join as partner and grow

Join today as partner with us and help us to grow, as we grow you grow!

Integrated Virtual Classroom For Live Collaboration

We offer the largest secure global infrastructure, enabling you to schedule and launch live virtual classroom sessions
no matter where you or your attendees may be!

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White Boards

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Screen Sharing

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Session Recording

LMS & Virtual Classroom

KMC Consulting services offer the latest technology with utmost back-up and efficiency for teachers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and learners to host the online classes swiftly and at affordable rates.
The LMS features we offer are mentioned below, helping us stand out unequivocally.

You can easily access & share a digital library of thousands of resources with your students. LMS is easy to use and seamlessly connects you with students.

The New Era Of Teaching
Anyone from an individual instructor, a school teacher, a college professor, tutoring and test prep institutes can use it to deliver virtual online classes for formal curriculum-based learning, homework help, revision classes or specialized coaching for competitive exams.

Customized LMS module with easy integration onto your website

Integrate the website -KMC

There is an immense advantage to the teachers. They get to invite students, earn their share, and conduct enriching classes on the famous worldwide LMS we offer.
The teachers simply have to sign up and start inviting the students on-time for the classes. Starting the session online is relatively easy and requires no set-up from anyone’s end.

Our designers or developers love to make online learning through virtual classrooms and LMS programs more approachable. So, if you already have a website and a bunch of students ready to learn from you, you won’t need to jump over to any other LMS online.
We can also help you in integrating this LMS tool on your current site. This will also include the Payment Gateway of your choice with absolute security and safety given to students for timely payment for the classes they want to be a part of.
Apart from that, you will quickly start receiving the notifications whenever a transaction gets initiated through the LMS tool on your website provided by our team.

Easy setup and installation for the virtual classes through our LMS

Don’t let your kids or students wait for long. With the live demo sessions we offer, you can teach yourself how to use our virtual classroom platform. It takes only a few hours for you to fully understand the entire concept.

After that, every webinar, online class, and similar session by leading industry insiders can be easily held on our LMS platform with the easy user interface we have to offer.
The quick live demo also teaches you each and every step without worrying about the technicality involved.

Webinar hosts also get to automate the administrator’s task

KMC Consulting services considered every tiniest detail while developing LMS for you, but when it about reduces time and energy spent in administrative work.

You being the webinar host, or a teacher, get to use the virtual classroom we offer profitably without worrying about the time management and the reports to be generated daily.

Thus, the classes do face a halt. They are secure and productive because of the timely report. These are often scheduled as per your timings of the classes to be held online for the students and other curious learners.
In brief, with this feature, the virtual classroom is easily accessible and manageable. These automated reports include daily reports, assessment sheets, or schedule reports once you set the format you want the same.
Share unlimited learning material online and go paperless
One of the best features of the virtual learning tool or the updated LMS we offer is that it is entirely paperless. Then it also provides the speed to help you in sharing unlimited study material online with the participants on the call.

Thus, the learning never stops at our platform for the most curious minds. The teachers also get to stabilize their careers online.

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