Online presence is more important in today’s digital world for every business. To make your online presence better and to help your audience know about your business, Google offers a free-to-use service called Google My Business.


Google My Business is the first step to show your business to your audience through Google Search.


If you have already listed your business on Google with Google My Business service, then this article will help you to manage Google My Business service effectively. We have included everything that can help you optimize Google My Business listing to attract new customers.


How can I Optimize Google My Business Listing? 


Google My Business service allows you to create your free listing on the platform. You have to first sign up for this service and claim your business listing from the official website.


Once you claimed your account, you will be asked to enter all the personal details of your business in the given boxes. You will be presented with numerous boxes that require all the information about your business that you are going to list on Google. The more information you give, the better it will be for the audience to locate you.


Some of the important information boxes that you need to double-check here are the business name, address with pin code, phone number, working or opening hours, etc. These information boxes must be checked twice or thrice to keep up the right information display in the Google Search Results.


After verifying your information, you need to choose the category of your business from the list. Make sure that you fill in each box given on the pages. In the description box, you need to describe your business or the services that you will provide through this business. Be specific about the services or your business as it will get you direct customers.


At last, you can make use of the label of place as per your business. There are different types of labels offered by Google to match your business. If you are offering computer services, then you can use the technology label, or if you are listing a restaurant, then there’s a label with a fork, etc. Explore more of the given labels from the dropdown box and choose the suitable one as per your business.


After this, there’s an option to add photos to this listing. You can select a profile picture to display. Whenever someone searches for your business or a related query on google, the profile picture that you add in the listing will be displayed in the Google Search Results along with other information provided by you.


Make sure you add real-life photos in the Photos section, i.e., the photos of the product, your office photos; if you own a restaurant, then you can add pictures of the menu, recipes, and more. For best results, add high-resolution photos. When you use quality photos in the listing, it will drive potential customers to your business automatically.


At last, you have to re-check if your listing has violated any policies of Google. You need to double-check the list and the rules set by Google that prevent your listing from getting banned. If you violate the policy guidelines of the Google My Business service, then the chances of deleting your listing are high.


Here we have prepared a list of things that you should not add to your Google My Business listing. If you add such things while listing a new business, your business account will be deleted or banned by Google.


  • Adding Keywords in your Business Title. When you add unnecessary keywords in the title of your business, it will not be accepted by Google’s algorithm.
  • Adding URL in the Description box. When you add the URL of your business in the description section or any other box, your listing will be deleted or not accepted by Google. To add a website URL, you will be given a separate box where you can add a specific URL of your business website.
  • Provide irrelevant addresses in the Address box. For listing a new business on Google My Business, you need to have a physical location where you can add the pin-point of the Google Map.



How can I Attract More Customers through Google My Business? 


A lot of users search for ways to improve the number of customers or we can say the audience through Google My Business. To do so, you have to optimize your listing timely. Keep things up to date that let your audience know about your business and its services along with the working hours. The following list of tips will help you improve your Google My Business listing.


  1. Accurate Information 

While listing a new business or managing the existing business, you need to add accurate information in the given boxes of information. Make sure you add accurate and verified information in the boxes. You need to pay a little more attention to the business title, the description, the address and location, the phone number, the working hours, or opening hours.


  1. High-Quality Photos 

Make sure to add high-resolution photos to your listing. You can add photos of your office, restaurant, menu card, visiting card, and more in this section. Take professional photos and add them to the listing to attract more users.


  1. Verify Addresses

If you have a business listed with multiple locations, then you have to verify all the addresses by adding Pin codes and other details from Google. A verified business drives more customers than a non-verified or unprofessional listing.


  1. Check Website URL 

The Website URL should also be checked by the user. If you own a website for your business, then you have to enter the full URL of your business site. Double-check by clicking on the given URL and see if the right website is opening.


  1. Update Page Regularly 

As noted above, you should update your business listing on the Google My Business platform regularly. You can double-check the working hours and can update the opening hours for the business with public holidays. If you have changed your mobile phone, change it on the listing as well. By regularly checking the information and updating them, your business listing will look more professional.


This is how you can effectively manage Google My Business listing. Google’s My Business service is there for all types of businesses, and the service is easy-to-use. Follow the given guidelines to manage Google My Business effectively that drives more customers and improves your business’s productivity.