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Is the pricing fixed or negotiable?

Unfortunately, the pricing for the above packages are non-negotiable. We believe in transparency and that’s the reason why we have put our prices in the open. We want to be fair to our customers, so that they know exactly what they are getting.

What if my requirements are different than the ones listed above?

If your requirements are different, then we recommend that you request for custom pricing. Your custom pricing is entirely depended on the effort involved and the different types of features that you need to incorporate on your website.

Can I add more content pages to “Simple” website?

Yes, you can add but there would be additional cost. If there are other requirements, they might qualify for custom pricing.

What if I want to add new content myself ?

After the website is delivered to you, you will be provided admin access whereby you will be able to add the content yourself. However, we recommend that you take our “Support” service to add new content. This will help to keep the consistency in the look and feel of the site.

Are the logos and branding included as part of these packages?

Unfortunately no. All your logo and branding requirements are priced differently by our Digital Marketing department.

What if I would like to have a feature that is not listed here, even in the “Add Ons”?

Please feel free to submit an inquiry to us and we will promptly respond. More than likely, we will be able to accommodate your special request.

How can I know what would be my cost for custom website?

You can get a fair idea of the cost of your website with our “Build Your Own” Cost Estimator. Please feel free to give it a try and place an inquiry. We will get back to you with a confirmation of the estimated price.

How are the lead times calculated?

The lead times are calculated after the clients provide the content. Lead time is calculated as number of business days required to complete the website after the last piece of content is given.

Why are the lead times increasing as the package level increases?

This is because as the package gets more complex, the time required to complete the complex requirements is more.

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