Do you know the most challenging part of starting or growing a business? Many may answer that doing a business is the challenging part in itself.

But a true business owner knows the honest answer to this question. The hardest part of starting and growing a business is getting customers or finding clients.

Let’s face the truth; our business is for people. We work to serve our customers and keep them satisfied. One of the essential objectives of every business is to serve high-quality goods and services to their customers in order to satisfy them. But just providing a good product or service will not be sufficient. Customers will not come to you, to your store, or to your website to buy your good and services.

You have to find out your potential prospects or customers and approach them. Even customer acquisition needs to be the constant focus for every business, whether a small or reputed business. But the problem lies here; customer acquisition can be pretty tricky when you have limitations in the marketing budget.

So to assist you, we will be discussing some tested strategies that will help you build your customer base.


Different Ways to Find Customers for Your Business


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When a business is small or the budget is limited, the burden of spreading awareness and finding potential customers falls on the shoulders of the business owner.

And naturally, maximum business owners do not have experience in marketing or selling.

Thus, if you are a startup or an existing business that is looking for more ways to grow its customer base, then the ways mentioned below will surely help you:


Developing a Plan

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The first and foremost step is to create a customer base by developing a plan for customer acquisition.

Your business is creating goods and services to satisfy the customers, but to find the potential customer, you need to understand the taste and preferences of the people.

Thus, your business needs to have a target audience, among which you will get your potential customer.


So in order to attain the target audience, you need to follow these steps:


  • First, look for people having an interest in the products and services you sell.
  • Determine the buying cycle
  • Now observe how your target audiences get to know about a product, which can be through friends, social media, and so on. When you know the channel, use those channels to approach them.
  • Start thinking about how you can get referrals and recommendations from those sources.

Keep this list memorized and create patterns in which you can step forward to be visible to the target audience. By doing this, you can get many potential customers.


Social Media Platforms

Add Ons

Social media is the best way to increase your target audience and customer base.

But do not sell your products in the people’s feeds directly at first.

Instead, try to communicate with the people. Networking is one of the most effective ways of creating a customer base. Interact with them and create a healthy relationship.

Your motive is to know their choices vividly and to be seen as a friend.

Try commenting on their post, liking and sharing their posts on your page, and so on.

Increasing the number of customers and selling goods and services can become easy when the people feel that they know you.

Local Newspapers

Though we live in a digital era, newspapers are still influential. Newspapers can be an incredible source to lead to potential customers.

Either you can look for names of people achieving some goals and sending them personal emails congratulating them, or give your name in the newspapers to spread awareness about your business.

When you mail people like such and try to interact with them, try praising them, and while talking, include your company name and the products you sell.

Check whether your website and social media are easier to handle by the customers.

As customer convenience is the topmost priority, you as a business owner have to keep in mind that your social media and website are easy to find and can efficiently be utilized by the customers.


The following steps will make your website easily accessible:


  • When marketing your product in the people’s feed, provide a link to your website.
  • When a potential buyer goes through your website, you can chat with them to make them more comfortable and answer their queries.
  • Make your website or social media page an attractive one.
  • Include a call to action.
  • Try to incorporate FAQs.
  • Offer them a free guide or free coupon. These are the best ways of lead generation.
  • Try to include past customer reviews. Customer reviews are very effective. Reviews can make new customers buy your goods and services.


Provide free sample and special offers


Another incredible way of generating leads is by giving away free samples and special offers.

You may have seen many startups and well-reputed businesses offering gifts and special vouchers or coupons to buyers.

By providing gifts, they spread awareness of a new product or create the demand for an existing long-lost product or service.

And when other people get to know about the gifts, they too will visit your store and buy your products, thus, leading to the creation of a massive amount of leads.



When you are targeting social media to market your business, you should try the trends going on.

One of the most compelling trends can be collaboration.

Collaborating with a fellow business or a content creator can create a tremendous amount of traffic, which will lead to an increased potential customer base.

Choosing an influencer to market your product can be an excellent idea.

Sponsor Events


Targeting events where your potential market will come together is a brilliant idea. Generally, an event will need a sponsor.

Try to talk to the organizer to know if there are sponsorship opportunities available.

Local events are pretty inexpensive to sponsor.

Or if it’s high, they may know some other events where you can have fliers at a low cost.

Also, try to keep the fliers attractive and provide all the necessary details in them.

Personal Network

Customers - The Life Source of Every Business 1

If your existing contacts are not helping, then all you can do is communicate with your friends and family.

After all, friends are there to help. Ask them to spread awareness about your business and the products and services you are selling.

If your budget permits, then you can provide your friends some referral fee.

Even you can create employment by providing jobs like referring to people.

This will help you spread awareness about your business, and the employment rate will increase too.


Observe your Competitors


In a competition, observing your rival is vital, as it can help you in many ways.

Thus, when you are doing business, you have to keep records of your rivals.

See which ways they are incorporating to advertise and increase their customer base.

It can happen that the ways which worked for them may as well work for you.

Multiple Small ads rather than one big ad


If most businesses like yours advertise digitally to gain customers, then you should do the same thing.

But if you see that they are using big ads, then do not do that.

Don’t plan on making a big splash with one giant ad. Plan smaller ads to run over a long run.

Having smaller ads is beneficial because, in the long run, you can release those ads time-to-time, but with a big one, it’s like a one-time show, which will become boring in the long run.

Put your business credentials in anything you can

Customers - The Life Source of Every Business 2

Apart from marketing through newspapers and social media, try to put your business credentials in anything possible.

For example, if you provide service, then you can put the number, website address, your store address on the vehicles your business uses.

When your vehicle is going somewhere to provide service, anyone can spot the van and contact you through the credentials.

If you are selling products then, provide labels and cards to contact you. In the case in the future, through that card, they can contact yours again.

Ask for feedback from the prospects when they don’t buy


As a business owner, you must have faced a potential buyer visiting your store but had left without buying anything.

That time many questions can arise in your mind like, did they find a better product somewhere else? Did they didn’t like our products? Did they postpone their buying?

All these questions can create a lot of confusion. So the best way to avoid these doubts is to ask for feedback when they don’t buy.

By doing this, you can understand your customers’ needs and make your business more accessible accordingly.

Great goods and service

Customers - The Life Source of Every Business 3

The key to a successful business is to provide your customers high-quality goods and services.

When we say that customer satisfaction is one of our main priorities, then in order to achieve that, we have to satisfy the customers with our products.

Understand the needs, the taste and preferences of your customers, and while making your business accessible, try to customize your products and services.

Surprise your customers with your offerings. Produce something unique.




As customers are the living source of every business, we have to do everything possible to grow and serve our customers.

And these tested strategies are the best way to increase the customer base.

Following these steps vividly will help you to acquire your goal of an increase in customers.

Always remember that there is no hurry in starting and growing a business.

Take smaller steps and go steady. Take time to learn and grow.