What’s the LMS Buzz & The Advantages of Using It?

LMS is the Learning Management System which comprises of the learning benefits for the students. Using the LMS model, teachers and guides are able to form modules online to be shared with the target set of students and other aspirants. Whereas the S in the LMS would mean the system or the software, this educational module is planned to be circulated and taught. In the coming age of virtual world where students are getting their degree done online and earning their bread and butter, the LMS program has grown to soar importance. We will be explaining it advantages below to drill down and know the sheer importance of…

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Websites Are Failing Their Business Owners: Do You Know Why Sales Targets Are Not Catching Up Speed?

When you run a website, conversion rates are completely important for the ultimate growth and expansion of your business. However, constant updates are also required on your website to know what’s the latest trend and demand generating from the customer’s end. Despite that, there are hundreds of reasons why your website might not be rendering fruitful results in increasing sales and revenues. So, let’s explore some of the leading causes here and save your business from plummeting further:   The Content on Your Website Is Not Updated   Mostly the reason for the conversion rates to suffer might be that the users do not find content on your…

12 Reasons Why Your Website is NOT SEO Friendly 1

12 Reasons Why Your Website is NOT SEO Friendly

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a popular adage, but unfortunately it doesn’t go well with websites in today’s digital, search engine dominated world. When clients approach KMC for a website design, they could broadly be classified into two groups – People who have no clue about web design, and those who have already burnt their hands ( and maybe a hole in their pockets) by investing in a website that didn’t work. If you belong to the first group, please do me a favor and go through Essentials of a great website instead of reading further. You may come back to this article on commandments you have…

How Important Is A Website and Its Health Check-Ups? 5

How Important Is A Website and Its Health Check-Ups?

If you are running a business and wish to tap into the different market at a lower cost and at the same time become a prominent market player, then having a website becomes quite mandatory. Similarly, once your website is ready, regular check-ups or surveillance needs to be conducted on your web. There are several reasons for both of them being so important in a business owner’s life. Read ahead, and you will know why we are discussing the website and its health checkups. Benefits of A Website • You Target Audience Increases A website has no boundary, and therefore the target audience is enabled from different countries…

How Can Ads Help in Targeting Different Customers in 2019? 6

How Can Ads Help in Targeting Different Customers in 2019?

In the business world, everyone knows that data is the oil which every entrepreneur wants to get a taste of. The data which we are talking about is related to the customer whom we mean to target or have been targeting beforehand. Every once in a while, these customers are needed to be reminded of how your business is running and how your product offering can still be one of the best they ever came across. All this happens when you, as a business owner, are able to track the Ads and their insights in a better form. With the help of the webmaster tools, like Google AdSense…


How your Dental Practice Website should look – 35 Awesome WordPress Themes

Why you should choose WordPress for your Dental Practice Website I am in awe of its plug-ins. Like apps, they make my life so simple. I am not a big fan of D.I.Y websites, because I know I am not an expert, know zero coding, and probably mess it all up before realizing I need some able hands to guide me through designing, at least initially. I can find 1000s of examples on any type of website, allowing to me attempt maybe millions of permutations before finalizing the final look of what I need in my website design. As dentists, you have always tread the fine line between…

MobiLine – ” Know Then Answer”

Mesdames et messieurs, presenting the New MobiLine App. MobiLine is for the users who seek meaningful calls and connections through video. So either keep asking for more from your current videocalling app or just switch to MobiLine . Mobiline is way more than just texting and calling as this video communication platform is a full package of unique features to take your personal or business communication desires to a whole new level. For the seekers of unlimitited sharing, connecting and expanding their business from anywhere, the MobiLine app brings to the market this amazing experience of connecting with people around the world. Not only your contacts but millions…

Tricks and Tips for a Successful Law Practice Website

In the next few articles, we are going to talk about how a combination of things might work for you and why you should work “on” your practice more than working “in” your practice. Now, if you are an attorney with a local firm or have your own practice, you know that the advertising technology to reach a larger audience and get new clients is crazy expensive, not to mention extremely complicated. No matter how hard you try, you cant compete with bigger firms with their deep pockets, or is there? Of course, there is! You can start with having your own website. Your website will be your…
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4 layer protection and 32 Security step keep WordPress website Safe from Hackers

4 layer protection and 32 Security step keep WordPress website Safe from Hackers Prevent login attacks and brute force Lock Down WordPress Login Page and ban users Use two-factor authentication for WordPress security Rename your login URL to secure your WordPress website Use security questions or capture to preventing roots login attacks Use Smart Usernames and Passwords Automatically log idle users out of your site Every 2 hours auto-generate Authentication Unique Keys and Salts Secure your WordPress dashboard Protect the wp-admin directory Use SSL to encrypt data Add user accounts with care Change the admin username Monitor your files Secure your WordPress database Change the WordPress database table…