In today’s era of digitalization, most people are engaged with the web. If we talk about the lawyers, they do not know about the impact of a website on their firm.

Even if you owned a website, there are a few must-haves that you should follow to attract more clients. Here, we have compiled a list of must-haves for a new law firm website.

No matter if you own a big firm or a small firm, having a website is crucial in today’s competitive market. You can make yourself and your service available for your audiences 24/7 with a user-friendly website.

Most people search for a reliable attorney online, and if you have a professional website of your law firm, you will get a direct client right from the website.

Many law firms with websites complain about they are not getting clients from their websites. It is just because of the poor design or lack of information about the firms. There could be a lot of reasons behind this.

To resolve this particular issue and to help you attract more clients through your law firm website, follow the list of must-haves for a new law firm website now!


7 Important Features for a Successful Law Firm Website 

  1. Design of Your Website

The first thing that you need to check is the design of your firm’s website. An attractive and clean website is essential for you to attract more audiences that can become your daily clients.

“The first impression is the last impression” if your website design is dull, then people would not make a call for more information. They end up hiring an attorney from a different platform as your website is not serving the right purpose.

7 Must-haves for a New Law Firm Websites to Attract Clients 2

You can stand out in a competitive world by having a website with a unique design. Most lawyers keep the same designs for their websites. All they do is just replace their logos and the given information.

To make things more beneficial, you need to think about the design of your website first. It will give you good returns, for sure!


  1. User-Interface 

User-Interface of your website is equally important. If you own a website with a good design, but it doesn’t offer a reliable user-interface, you can’t expect good results from it.

A website should provide ease of use so that anyone can explore the different pages for collecting the right information. If they are satisfied with the information provided on your website, they will definitely make a call.

  1. Go for a Responsive Design 

Gone are the days when you have to turn on the computer system to surf the web. We all use a smartphone to explore all types of websites, applications, and more from remote locations.

You will not get clients only from big-screen monitors, but also from mobile phones. For that reason, you need to keep your website’s design mobile responsive.

KMC LAW Website
Website – Tanna Law

Most websites now use responsive designs. The users who visit their site on their mobile phones get the same interface from a responsive design. You can provide your address, your location, and your contact number on your website.

When a user opens up your website and sees the given details, he may contact you immediately to get more information about your service.

Moreover, a responsive design is recommended by Google to get a good ranking in Google Search Results. Google is providing a variety of services for free to make businesses more efficient. You need to take advantage of it by using a mobile-responsive design for your law firm website.

  1. Contact Button 

Everyone likes to explore the information that you provide on your website. The website should serve an easy-to-navigate interface. But many website owners don’t pay attention to providing a quick contact button.

Providing a quick contact button is very important for your firm to get new clients daily. As per recent studies, over 40% of web users find it difficult to locate the contact page or contact button.

If you provide a quick contact button right on the front page, then you will not lose 40% of the web users. You should also add social media buttons on the front page so that the users can learn more about your services and the feedback from your previous clients.

  1. Testimonials 

You can attract more clients by simply providing the testimonial section on your website. It creates a huge impact on the users as they will get to know about your nature to handle the legal issues.

7 Must-haves for a New Law Firm Websites to Attract Clients 3

You can either add a short video of your previous clients or can add a text-box with positive feedback on your website. This part should be at the end of the main page.

  1. Attorney Profiles 

People visit your website to find the right attorney who can help them resolve the different types of issues legally. You can keep a separate page for attorney profiles where you can add information about the attorney available with your firm.

If we talk about the statistics, over 56% of the website users would visit the attorney profiles page to get more information about them, their work experiences, and more.

  1. Blog Page 

A blog Page is crucial for a website as you will have to keep on updating your website content to get a good ranking in Google Search Results. You can add case studies, provide information about the laws, can put best practices tutorials, and more in this section of your website.

You can use this section of your website to speak up about whatever you want. It is the place where you can voice up your thoughts and add your knowledge to the field. You can hire professional law writers who can update this section regularly with useful content.

Final Thoughts: 

These are the things that every law firm should recognize if they are not getting the desired results from their existing websites. If you are planning to launch a new website, then consider the above-listed things first.

Your website showcases your professionalism. You can keep a separate profile of yours where you can add your work experience, your qualification, and a quick contact number. This way, you can attract more clients and can run a successful firm in the competitive market.