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KMC Consulting is a creative web design and development company delivering
professional websites designed for your success.


KMC Consulting

KMC Consulting dates back some 6+ years, when we got the opportunity to build our first websites for diverse clients. It was, however, in the months of September and October of 2017 when we decided to form KMC Consulting in its current format. The idea behind was fairly simple – we felt that there was a large community of businesses from different industries who were not adequately served.

Digital marketing companies were generally catering to big clients, simply because their budgets were bigger, and it was less hassle. Opportunities for upselling were tremendous, and as a result, especially small (and to some extent, medium) businesses, were not getting the service they deserved, especially in terms of value for money.

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Maintance Renewal

We Are WordPress Gurus
WordPress is the easiest and most flexible content management system that offers endless themes to choose from, according to your business type. Our developers’ experience with WordPress and other content management systems such as Joomla and Drupal is unparalleled, and we would love to share their expertise.

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Health Success Center

Visitors become customers from a great website experience, but having a website alone does not guarantee traffic to your site. Website optimization is the first step towards improving traffic and increasing conversions. Optimization will also improve your site’s performance and capabilities.

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Estore Runner

KMC Consulting drives innovation by integrating with industry-leading, cutting-edge top-notch Cloud Server, Payment methods, and Technology Partners across the globe to bring our customers seamless technology integration for an unparalleled user experience. Join us on this journey to build and implement ground-breaking solutions that create superior learning experiences.

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KMC Consulting is a creative web design and development company delivering professional and “next-generation” websites designed for your success.


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